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Lexblog Interviews California Biotech Law Blog’s Kristie Prinz

Written by on Monday, June 25th, 2007

I recently sat down with LexBlog’s Rob La Gatta, who interviewed me in conjunction with LexBlog’s "Five Questions Series."  In the interview, Rob explored how I stay on top of developments in the blogosphere, how I’ve set myself apart to reporters who use me as a source, how I’ve set myself apart from other bloggers, what I see happening with regulation in the blogosphere, and whether I’ve accomplished what I aspired to yet with my blog. 

Since I try to stay on topic with this blog and don’t often talk about myself, this interview provides some insight into me, my firm, and my views on blogging generally that likely goes beyond what you will read in my blog yourself.  

LexBlog has, of course, written about me in the past–Kevin O’Keefe was kind enough to compliment me in a prior blog posting "Be an A-List Blogger in Your Niche to Succeed," where he pointed to me as an example of how you can become successful by blogging in a niche such as biotechnology. 

To follow up on this recent LexBlog interview, as well as Kevin’s earlier posting, I think that that in many ways the web is the great equalizer for legal practices–it enables the small firm practice to distinguish itself in ways that small firms previously could not.  By providing quality content on a relevant subject, lawyers can absolutely become known as experts in a field, even without doing it from the corner office of a swanky large-firm office building.  I have been building my firm for a little over three years now, which was a challenge I took on unexpectedly only after the sudden collapse of my former firm, Pennie & Edmonds LLP.  While, at the time of the collapse, when I decided to start the firm, I had a sixth sense that I should put my resources into developing my web presence and I had a definite vision about how to accomplish this, even I would not have expected to be getting the caliber of media calls and speaking engagements that I am now getting three years later.   

So, thank you to Rob La Gatta and LexBlog for interviewing me, and I hope you, as my blog readers, enjoy this brief glimpse into the story behind the blog. 


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